LAS Honors Program

The mission of the LAS Honors Program is to empower our students to be global citizens and global stewards, to enlighten them with deeper understanding of the diverse world in which they live, and to engage with the core values and responsibilities of moving toward a sustainable future.

Students in the LAS Honors Program—referred to as James Scholars—deepen their knowledge, skills, and passions through unique growth and enrichment opportunities.

To be in LAS Honors means that you not only are an academic achiever but that you are an inquisitive and engaged person. You’re going deeper, making connections between subject areas, engaging in complex thinking, and connecting it with the world around youLearn more about LAS Honors.

We're here to support you define your role as an active learner, critical thinker, and influential leader and will help you as you design your path to your vision of a fulfilling and engaging life.

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About LAS Honors

From doing research in labs to engaging with the local community, LAS Honors provides and supports ways for our students to do more, go further, and become their very best.

Admission to the LAS Honors Program

There are two methods of entry into the LAS Honors Program: invitation and self-nomination. The instructions vary depending on whether you’re an incoming freshman, transfer student, a current student at UIUC, or an intercollegiate transfer student.

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For current LAS James Scholars

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