Honors Credit Learning Agreement guidelines

LAS James Scholars can earn honors credit by working on projects with faculty. These projects must be mutually agreed upon, with all requirements and expectations outlined in the Electronic Honors Credit Learning Agreement (EHCLA). Any course in which the student is currently enrolled can potentially be turned into an honors course with he agreement of the faculty member. EHCLAs provide students and faculty opportunities to work together on a wide-range of projects, enhancing the knowledge and experience of all involved.

Essential Learning Outcomes and EHCLAs

While we are striving to ensure that all ECHLAs add value to the experience for all involved, we are now linking the agreements to the AAC&Us Essential Learning Outcomes. Students will indicate which of the learning outcomes they will be targeting through the EHCLA and self-assess at the end of the semester using the AAC&U rubrics.

  • Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World
  • Intellectual and Practical Skills
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Integrative and Applied Learning

These projects should take 10-12 hours of the student’s time over the course of the semester.

Project examples:

  • Photo essays
  • Presentations
  • Research experiences
  • Curricular development
  • Experiments
  • Surveys
  • Community outreach
  • Internet, film, or photographic projects
  • Multimedia essays
  • Social media explorations
  • Interdisciplinary projects

To add honors credit to a student's records begins with the approval of the EHCLA, and ends when you select the "H" from the drop-down selection when entering the grade.

Grade change policy and procedures

Accessing the grade change system

College and department authorizers (as well as faculty/instructors) can access the application by logging into the UI Enterprise Application at https://apps.uillinois.edu, selecting Faculty Self-Service then Faculty Services. Changes have been made to the Faculty Services Main Menu to organize the set of menu items. Select “Grade Corrections—After Grade Roll” to access the Grade Change System. NOTE: Somewhere you may need to select the semester.

It might be that you will find this system fairly accessible. However, if you would rather use the paper form, please connect with your department office staff. They can usually assist in preparing a Supplemental Grade Report Form for your signature.

Honors Grades

Instructors may submit grade change requests online—for one student, a handful or a whole class. Most grade changes may be entered using the Grade Change System online, eliminating the need for a paper Supplemental Grade Report Form (SGRF). [For honors to be awarded for any course, the instructor has to substitute or replace a regular grade with an HONORS GRADE (either A+H, AH, A-H, B+H, BH, or B-H) on the student record. Retroactive changes can be made to the regular grade via the online grade change system for faculty.] Please remember that an honors grade only has the Honors "H" placed on the end of the regular course grade (no additional plus signs, dashes, or hyphens are needed).