Service and civic opportunities

Students paint a fence as a part of a service projectService learning provides opportunities for students to give back to the community and develop valuable skills such as empathy, leadership, communication, problem solving, civic engagement, and teamwork.

Service-learning courses

Courses within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • GLBL 298: Global Studies Seminar Abroad - Education and Development in Andean Ecuador
  • LAS 199: Professional Development Seminar (service learning is an option)
  • LAST 440: Honduras Water Project
  • SPAN 232: Spanish in the Community
  • SPAN 332: Spanish and Entrepreneurship

Other colleges' courses open to LAS students

  • ACE 499: Sustainability - Agriculture, Environment, and Governance in Sierra Leone, West Africa
  • ENG 398: Special Topics - Social Justice & STEM Education (section SJS)*
  • ENG 398: Special Topics - Leadership in Engineering for Social Justice (section LES)*
  • GCL 126: Sustainability and Social Science
  • GCL 128: Sustainability in Fiction
  • GCL 143: Mapping Inequalities
  • GCL 148: Historical Perspectives on Social Justice
  • GCL 185: Health, Wellness, and the Black Experience
  • HDFS 379: HDFS Study Abroad Experience - Children and Families Service Learning in Cape Town, South Africa
  • INFO 490: Special Topics - Makerspace (section B - community engagement)
  • KIN 365: Civic Engagement in Wellness
  • SHS 375: Community Partners & Health
  • SOCW 321: Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change
  • SOCW 330: International Perspectives - International Service Learning in Greece
  • UP 335: Cities and Immigrants

*Courses affiliated with the Engineering for Social Justice Scholars Program are open to all students.

Find service opportunities on campus

Service-focused student organizations

Explore service-focused Registered Student Organizations in the UofIConnections database of RSOs. Filter with the "service/philanthropy" category.

Social entrepreneurship on campus

Social entrepreneurship refers to applying innovative design and business strategies to community issues (social, cultural, or environmental) to create positive change. The entrepreneurship ecosystem at Illinois provides many opportunities for students to engage with social entrepreneurship through competitions, courses, certificates, events, and registered student organizations.

Scholarships for service leadership

Post-graduation service opportunities

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