Three reasons I’m glad I said YES to LAS

Ariana Daneshbodi stands in front of the Psychology BuildingAriana Daneshbodi is a senior in LAS, where she studies psychology and communication.

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) at Illinois has helped shape not only who I am today, but also who I will become. The amount of opportunities and resources LAS has made available to me played a huge role in helping me secure the future I always dreamed of having. In honor of graduating and moving on to the next stage of my life, I want to take time to reflect on what got me there. Here are the top three reasons I’m glad I said yes to LAS.

Reason 1: The opportunities are endless

I always love to say that LAS has something for everyone. Throughout my four years as an LAS student, I have had the opportunity to double major, study abroad, participate in three research labs, and become the LAS Hood Intern. All of these amazing experiences helped prepare me for the next chapter of my life. Through these experiences, I have met so many incredible faculty and students that inspire me each and every day. The skillsets, lifelong friendships, and diverse perspectives I have acquired here are invaluable to me.

Reason 2: LAS helped my dream come true

For years now, I have been set on getting accepted into a PhD program and eventually becoming a psychology professor. The path to this career isn’t easy, and without the support I received in the College of LAS, I would have felt discouraged. My advisors, peers, and professors gave me advice, helped me pick and apply to graduate school programs, reviewed my application materials, and lifted my spirits throughout the entire application process. All of this support, along with all the opportunities LAS has given me throughout my four years, is a huge part of the reason I can proudly say I will be starting my PhD this upcoming fall.

Reason 3: I found a home away from home

College can be a difficult transition for anyone. A fear I had about attending such a large university was the idea of feeling like “just a number.” Now, four years later, I can safely say I never felt that way. There is so much personalized attention available to students here in LAS and so many ways to feel connected. By getting involved, staying active within the college, and reaching out to advisors and faculty, I had access to many resources and experiences that shaped my college experience and my future. LAS is committed to its students and helps us feel at home here at Illinois. I couldn’t be happier that I said yes.  

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Ariana Daneshbodi