5 things I love about being a communication major at Illinois

Abby MitchellHere are five reasons I love being a communication major at the University of Illinois:

1. The variety of courses I am able to choose from

At Illinois, communication is a large major; however, there are many ways to make it feel small. I love the variety of choices I have when signing up for my classes each semester.

Communication at Illinois has six concentrations with hundreds of courses to choose from. Whether you enjoy communication structured around rhetoric, culture, health, technology, organizations, race, or something else, you will find an abundance of courses that appeal to you.

2. The course content is relevant and interesting

As a communication major, I have genuinely enjoyed my classes. When studying for my exams, I never find myself miserable or without interest in the subject. During class, we discuss topics such as race and family relations, political climates, and the inner workings of organizations. I am always intrigued with the various topics covered.

3. The ability to collaborate with others in my major

The student body at Illinois is diverse. From different cultures to different races and various places around the world, each student holds a different set of ideas and experiences. As a communication major, I have been able to learn from this wide variety of students and hold conversations about hundreds of topics covered in my classes.

4. It has brought me out of my comfort zone

Many communication majors come into Illinois thinking that they have a natural ability for public speaking and interpersonal communication. However, at Illinois I quickly learned that this major was about more than just those two skills. Communication at Illinois brought me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in ways that I didn’t know existed. Through my major I was able to build a new skillset in aspects of communication that I had not previously thrived in. 

5. My professors are highly skilled and want to get to know me

My professors have made a huge impact on me during my time at Illinois. Each of them hold specializations in the subjects that they both teach and conduct research in, which allows students to learn in an advanced and well-conducted way. All of the professors in the communication department want to get to know their students one-on-one, are easily approachable, and look forward to students attending their office hours.

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Abby Mitchell