5 things I love about being a biology (MCB) major at Illinois

Shreya JeyakumarHere are five reasons I love being a biology major at the University of Illinois:

1. The variety of research opportunities available

As an MCB major, I weekly receive a “MCB Roadmap” email from my advisors that is chock-full with helpful updates, notifications, suggested research opportunities, and internships. Through the roadmap, I was able to join a research lab and work in a lab setting, which is something I had been really interested in doing! I was also able to explore potential internships, which was super helpful and interesting.

2. The advisors

The MCB advisors are some of the nicest, most helpful people you will meet as an MCB student. They are always happy to answer whatever questions you may have about classes, future plans, registration, and grades. I always go to them if I am concerned about anything at all. It is also very convenient to meet with them.

3. The faculty and courses

Being an MCB major at Illinois means studying under incredible professors! All the professors that I have had for my biology, chemistry, psychology, and other classes have been incredible. They provide opportunities to work with them directly during office hours and are more than happy to answer any course questions you have. The classes are rigorous, but I’ve found that because of this I have created better study habits and work ethic, and I have learned a lot.

4. The extracurriculars and programs

In addition to attending Quad Day, I learned a lot about different programs through my MCB courses. Professors and teaching assistants sometimes inform you of interesting events happening on campus related to the course. I learned about certain clubs and events like MCB Honors, PA-Club, and psychology studies through my classes!

5. The variety of students in my classes

In almost every single one of my MCB or chemistry classes, I have met with many different majors aside from biology, including chemical and bimolecular engineering, psychology, community health, I-Health, and many more! It’s so cool to see the variety of majors in your classes, and you get the chance to make so many different friends.

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Shreya Jeyakumar