My favorite humanities moment at UIUC

To celebrate National Arts & Humanities Month in October, we asked students studying the humanities "What is your favorite moment related to your major?" Here's what they had to say.

Sarah CastleSarah Castle, Creative writing and Music

Working as a student editorial assistant for UIUC's internationally published journal, Ninth Letter! This project is a culmination of hundreds of writers across the country and around the world sending us their work, and our team—fourteen of my peers and classmates—huddles around really great writing to choose what gets published. With about twenty submissions to read individually per week, there is never a dull moment, and it really makes me realize how vast and simultaneously universal writing can be.

Tamia MillerTamia Miller, English

Working as an ATLAS intern at the Humanities Professional Resource Center. This was the first internship where I got to really utilize my writing skills and create social media content geared towards other humanities students. During this internship, I also met an amazing advisor, friend, and one of my favorite people in the world: Julie Higgs!

Jason SmithJason Smith, History and psychology

Going into the library's Main Stacks for the first time while conducting research for my HIST 200 (Introduction to Historical Interpretation) project. It's so easy to get distracted and look for materials not related to your current project! It's also very easy to get lost (as I know from experience!).


Riley MatersonRiley Materson, French and global studies

My honors project for FR 212 (Introduction to Cultural Analysis: French Identities) my sophomore year. For the first time, I conducted in-depth research through reading French academic journals and governmental sources. I became much more confident in my French skills, and the classes I have taken since have only improved my language ability.

Liv BorawskiLiv Borawski, History

My involvement with History Harvest with Professor Oberdeck! During this course and summer internship, I was responsible for collecting the oral history of the local LGBTQ+ and drag community. I was privileged to become familiar with digitizing artifacts and forming connections with key members of the community that played an active role in bettering LGBTQ+ representation and rights in Urbana-Champaign.

Kamila MarszalikKamila Marszalik, Spanish and English

One of my favorite memories comes from the class SPAN 228 (Spanish Composition). Not only did I have a wonderful TA, but we were able to write about whatever we found interesting. I wrote a whole essay analyzing a song from one of my favorite artists—Bad Bunny!


Muskaan SiddiqueMuskaan Siddique, History

Going to the apple orchard and pumpkin picking with my fellow history majors with Phi Alpha Theta (UIUC'S History Honor Society and Club). I remember the first time I went, the older history students convinced me to try an apple cider donut, and immediately I fell in love with them. Afterwards we carved pumpkins together and listened to some spooky tunes. I now look forward to it every year!