Make connections

Have you ever wondered…

  • How can I get started on career preparation when I don’t really know what I want to do?
  • How will I know that this is the right major or career path for me?
  • I can imagine myself doing many different things after I graduate, so how do I narrow it down?
  • How do I figure out a new direction, now that the plan I thought I had no longer works for me?
  • How do I break into a field that I think I’d like but know little about?
  • Will I need to go to grad school to get a job with my major?
  • How will I demonstrate to potential employers that I’m the right fit for their job?

These are very common career questions, and they are all about making connections—connecting your interests, skills, and values to your career options and connecting with people, organizations, and work environments.

Reflecting on interests and skills that you bring
Informational interviewing to gather insights
Networking to discover your professional community
Using campus career fairs to expand your network

This can be a tough part of career journeys and skill building. When you find it would be helpful to have some support along the way, reach out to the LAS Career Services team. We’re here to help!