Leadership and service opportunities

LAS offers students many opportunities to develop leadership skills and participate in service and civic opportunities.

Leadership is an important quality that many employers and graduate programs desire—some of those skills and competencies include empathy, communication, teamwork, community involvement, and innovation. Service learning will provide you with opportunities to give back to the community and develop valuable skills such as empathy, leadership, communication, problem solving, civic engagement, and teamwork.


As a student, you'll want to develop leadership skills and competencies that will position you for leadership roles both on and off campus. Leadership is an ongoing process that involves reflection and engagement.

From taking a leadership class to taking on a leadership role in a RSO, here are some ideas for building your leadership capabilities at UIUC.

Service and civic opportunities

Interested in giving back to your community? UIUC offers many classes, RSOs, and opportunities to learn through service while developing valuable skills for your future career.

Service-learning courses

Scholarships for service leadership

Post-graduation service opportunities

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