Student resources related to COVID-19

The College of LAS continues to work closely with campus to work through the impact COVID-19 is having on our operations. In addition to the information we've collected for LAS students below, campus-wide information, resources, and an archive of communications are available on the campus COVID-19 page.

Helpful resources for learning online

As you engage in online learning (perhaps for the first time), the following resources may be helpful to you:

Support from the College

As you adjust to learning in new ways in response to the impact of COVID-19, we want to support you as best we can. Included below are support services and resources available to you virtually:

Academic adjustments

Because of the impact of COVID-19, included below are a list of changes to some of our academic processes.

Summer and Fall Registration Timelines

Academic Policy Modifications - Spring 2020 (From the Office of the Provost)

Grade Replacement Option for Spring 2020

The deadline to submit your Spring 2020 Grade Replacement request has passed. 

If you elected Grade Replacement for a course that you now wish to move to Credit/No Credit status, you should know that, if you earn a CR for the course, the previous grade will be replaced (will not be counted in your GPA). If you do not earn credit (NC) in the course, the previous grade stands (and remains counted in your GPA), just as would be the case if the course retained standard letter grading; however, any hours you use for Grade Replacement count towards the maximum of 4 courses/10 hours.

Course Drop Deadline for Spring 2020

You may drop a semester course or a 2nd 8-week course (POT B) through May 6 in Enterprise Self-Service.  If you plan to graduate in May 2020, please be sure to consult with your Admissions/Records Officer before dropping any courses.  If dropping a course will take you below 12 semester hours, please submit an Underload Request.  The Underload Request will need to be approved before you can drop the courses.  If you are an International Student on F-1 or J-1 visa status, you must also seek Reduced Course Load approval from ISSS.

Overload Requests for Spring 2020

Due to increased demand for 2nd 8-week (POT B) courses, we cannot approve Overload (over 18 hours) Requests for Spring 2020 at this time.  Exceptions will be made for students who were required to terminate their study abroad experience in Spring 2020.

Academic Standing and Probation Concerns

  • We will not place students on Drop Status after the Spring 2020 Semester
  • Students currently on Probation can clear themselves by earning the required term GPA and posting major and cumulative GPAs of 2.00 or higher

Credit/No Credit Option (CR/NC) for Spring 2020:

The deadline to elect the CR/NC option on your Spring 2020 courses has passed. 

  • You must earn a C- or higher in the course to receive CR.  If your final grade in the course is a D+, D, D-, or F, you will receive a grade of NC (no credit).
  • If you need the course credit in order to graduate and suspect you may earn a passing grade but lower than a C-, you should not elect the CR/NC option.
  • You should consult with your departmental advisor regarding the implications of CR/NC on graduate and professional school applications.
  • If you are taking a course that is required for transfer to another major, please check back on April 3 for updated information.
  • If you believe you’ll be eligible for Dean’s List or are a James Scholar, please wait to make your CR/NC decisions. 
  • If you earn CR in your Spring 2020 courses, they may be used to satisfy major, minor, and general education requirements.  Courses taken for CR/NC are not included in any GPA figures.  

Declaring or changing a curriculum or major:

For adjustments to LAS declaration criteria for changes effective SU20 or FA20, please view the COVID-19 ICT/CC adjustments document.