Tutoring and academic support

Many departments within the College of LAS have additional options for tutoring and advising. Below, you can find some of these resources. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to our college-level advisors or your departmental advisor.

Departmental tutoring

Chemistry Learning Center

Econ Tutoring Center

Integrative Biology Learning Center

Department of Mathematics tutoring

MCB Learning Center

Spanish Tutoring Room

Campus-wide tutoring and advising

Office of Minority Student Affairs

The mission of the Office of Minority Student Affairs is to offer quality student-centered tutoring and academic services, nurture student success, and create a positive learning environment. Access resources

Residence Halls Tutoring

Many residence halls on campus offer free drop-in tutoring. Check with your resident director for more information.

Writer’s Workshop

The Writers' Workshop, part of the Center for Writing Studies, provides free writing assistance for University of Illinois students, faculty and staff from all disciplines and levels. Access resources