Editing directory profile information in an LAS Framework website

The LAS Framework websites provide a simple way to maintain a profile page for each faculty and staff member in your department.  Most of your information will come from campus systems, either Experts.Illinois (for tenure-system faculty members) or the Campus Directory for all other full-time staff. Profile information for graduate students is created locally on your department site.

Editing profile information in a campus-central location allows the LAS Framework to pull that information across all department sites containing your profile. You will only have to update information in one place and it will be displayed across multiple departments. For information specific to one department, you have the ability to locally override your profile on a department website. 

Campus Directory
These instructions guide you through editing your Illinois Campus Directory information.
Illinois Experts
These instructions guide you through editing your directory information through Illinois Experts.
Graduate Students
These instructions guide you through adding and editing graduate students.