Standing, elected and ad-hoc committees

Standing Committees for 2021-2022

Committee on Academic Standards

The committee reviews student appeals of academic suspension. The committee also serves as the official college review body to hear student appeals on charges of academic dishonesty. The committee also serves as the official faculty body advisory to the Dean and to the faculty in matters related to student academic progress policies and regulations within the college.

Address all correspondence concerning this committee to Executive Assistant Dean Robert Steltman, 2002 Lincoln Hall, MC-446.

  • Mauro Nobili, Associate Professor, History
  • Fiona Ngo, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies & Gender and Women's Studies
  • John Barnard, Associate Professor, Slavic Languages & Literatures
  • Bob Pahre, Professor, Political Science
  • Florin Dolcos, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Anna Sokac, Associate Professor, Cell & Development Biology
  • Jessica Conroy, Associate Professor, Geology
  • Zoi Raptii, Professor, Mathematics
  • Tina Huang, Senior Lecturer, Chemistry
  • Leah Becker, Graduate Student
  • Marlene Santos, Undergraduate Student

Awards Committee

The committee reviews all nominations and selections for the LAS College Awards, which include: Dean’s Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by Graduate Teaching Assistants, Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by Instructional Staff, LAS Staff Awards, and LAS Academic Professional Awards.

The committee also reviews nominations for the following campus only awards: Excellence in Undergraduate Advising, Excellence in Guiding Undergraduate Research, Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching, Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring, Excellence in Online & Distance Teaching.

Address all correspondence concerning this committee to Amy Lawrence Elli, 2090 Lincoln Hall, MC-448.

  • Rana Hogarth, Associate Professor, History
  • Irvin Hunt, Assistant Professor, English
  • Randy Sadler, Associate Professor, Linguistics
  • Christopher Fennell, Professor, Anthropology
  • Catherine Farbairn, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Wendy Yang, Associate Professor, Plant Biology
  • Martin Gruebele, Professor, Chemistry
  • Xiaohui Chen, Associate Professor, Statistics
  • Isaac Dilanni, Senior Lecturer, Economics
  • Jenny Cox, Director for Administration, Chemistry

Courses and Curricula Committee

The committee reviews all proposals for new or revised courses and curricula in the college.

Address all correspondence concerning this committee to Interim Associate Dean Stephen R. Downie or Andrea Ray, 2090 Lincoln Hall, MC-448.

  • Angeliki Tzanetou, Associate Professor, Classics
  • Robert Barrett, Associate Professor, English
  • Ryan Shosted, Professor, Linguistics
  • Michele Kovin, Professor, Communication
  • John Hummel, Professor, Psychology
  • Ray Ming, Professor, Plant Biology
  • Ryan Sriver, Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
  • Yue Shen, Associate Professor, Astronomy
  • Kelly Findley, Teaching Assistant Professor, Statistics
  • Florencia Henshaw, Director of Advanced Spanish Language, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Muskaan Sawhney, Undergraduate Student
  • Kostas Yfantis, Assistant Director, Teaching and Learning with Technology, ex-officio

General Education Committee

The committee oversees the implementation of the college general education program, under the umbrella of campus-wide general education. The committee determines which courses are appropriate for general education in each of the respective distributional areas, periodically reviews approved courses and establishes guidelines regarding the interpretation and administration of general education policies.

Address all correspondence concerning this committee to Interim Associate Dean Stephen R. Downie or Amy Lawrence Elli, 2090 Lincoln Hall, MC-448.

  • Ikuko Asaka, Associate Professor, History
  • Jamie Jones, Assistant Professor, English
  • Emanuel Rota, Associate Professor, French & Italian
  • Cynthia Buckley, Professor, Sociology
  • Nathan Todd, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Rachel Smith-Bolton, Associate Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology
  • Trish Gregg, Associate Professor, Geology
  • Steven Bradlow, Professor, Mathematics
  • Jessica Choate, Instructor, Atmospheric Sciences, 1 year
  • Susan Frankenberg, Program Coordinator, Spurlock Museum

Honors Council

The Honors Council oversees the LAS honors programs, policies, and practices.

Address all correspondence concerning this committee to Associate Director Allison Holden, 2002 Lincoln Hall, MC-446.

  • Shelly Weinberg, Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Toby Beauchamp, Associate Professor, Gender & Women's Studies
  • Lilya Kaganovsky, Professor, Comparative & World Literature
  • Asef Bayat, Professor, Sociology
  • TBD Electoral Group V
  • K.V. Prasanth, Professor, Cell & Development Biology
  • Scott Silverman, Professor, Chemistry
  • Tony Wong, Professor, Astronomy
  • Shawna Naidu, Senior Coordinator, School of Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Dawn McNulty, Academic Advisor, Sociology
  • Megi Mecolli, Undergraduate Student
  • Isaiah Lopez, Undergraduate Student

Policy and Development Committee

The committee is charged with advising the dean and the faculty on current policy and long-range planning issues.

Address all correspondence concerning this committee to Interim Associate Dean Stephen R. Downie, 2090 Lincoln Hall, MC-448.

  • TBD

LAS Elected Committees

Voting for LAS Elected Committees6

Executive Committee 2022-2023

The committee assists and advises the dean in the conduct of college business and appointments of tenured faculty, and promotions of the faculty.

Address all correspondence concerning this committee to Donna Miller, 2090 Lincoln Hall, MC-448

  • Leslie Reagan, History
  • Candice Jenkins, English
  • Lilya Kaganovsky, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Samantha Frost, Political Science
  • Stephan Krasa, Economics
  • Jie Chen, Cell & Developmental Biology
  • Tom Johnson, Geology
  • Jeff Douglas, Statistics

Faculty Appeals Committee 2022

The committee will consider appeals of personnel decisions, especially in the following areas: rollbacks, promotion and/or tenure, sabbatical leaves, leaves of absence without pay, and terminations.

Address all correspondence concerning this committee to Amy Elli, 2090 Lincoln Hall, MC-448 or to any member listed below:

  • David Sepkoski, History
  • Justine Murison, English
  • Roxana Girju, Linguistics
  • Brian Dill, Sociology
  • Aron Barbey, Psychology
  • Brian Freeman, Cell & Developmental Biology
  • Julie Cidell, Geography & Geographic Information Science
  • Joaquin Vieira, Astronomy

LAS Ad Hoc Committees

STAR (Strategic Advisory Review) Team 2020-2021

  • Carla Caceres, School of Integrative Biology
  • John Caughlin, Communication
  • Brenda Farnell, Anthropology
  • Soo Ah Kwon, Asian American Studies
  • Tim Liao, Sociology
  • Leslie Looney, Astronomy
  • Mariselle Melendez, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Catherine Murphy, Chemistry
  • Robert Rauber, School of Earth, Society, and Environment
  • Chilin Shih, East Asian Languages & Cultures
  • James Slauch, Microbiology
  • Siobhan Somerville, Gender & Women's Studies
  • Jeremy Tyson, Mathematics