An LAS program led to my first conference experience

Pictured is Lica with Erin, Nikia, and Anna at the Global Student Leadership SummitLica Liu is a sophomore in sociology and psychology and is part of the Global Leaders Program, a cohort-based program that gives students real-world practice in problem-solving, cross-cultural communication, and support throughout their undergraduate career. Through GLP, she attended the Global Student Leadership Summit in fall 2023.

The Global Student Leadership Summit is an annual student leadership conference aimed at preparing students with inclusive leadership skills and global competencies necessary for thriving in a diverse world. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend this year's conference in Chicago through the LAS Global Leaders Program (GLP).

During the summit, my fellow GLP member, Erin Davy, and I presented “Beyond Surface Level Engagement: Project-based Learning with International Community Organization”, alongside our program director Nikia Brown, and our program leader Ana Garner. I shared my experiences from a short-term, project-based study abroad trip to Kenya, while Erin highlighted her experiences in Brazil. Additionally, I discussed the profound impact GLP has had on me since I started college.

I had an incredible time connecting with like-minded individuals and engaging with professionals at the conference. It was fascinating to discover that all our study abroad experiences were similar, yet also distinctly different. We exchanged funny stories and discussed diverse perspectives. I enjoyed making new friends from various places, especially when we were able to hang out in downtown Chicago during our free time. I also received valuable feedback on my resume from a few business professionals, providing me with beneficial advice for my future career pursuits.

This marked my first attendance at a professional conference, and I gained immensely from the experience. I was nervous at first, but I soon found everyone to be incredibly supportive and enjoyable to converse with. I wouldn’t have known about this great opportunity if it weren’t for GLP, and I certainly would not have met such a great community without being in the College of LAS!

Lica and her fellow GLP members