What's the most popular LAS study spot?

LAS students vote on their favorites

With 50+ LAS buildings across campus, students have many study spots within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences to choose from. Inspired by all the popular study spots within their college, LAS developed one of its own brackets, March Madness-style. 

In March, an Instagram Stories series featured a competition among the most popular study spots in LAS to crown the Most Popular LAS Study Spot. Viewers of the stories were able to vote on their favorite study spots using Instagram polls.

March Madness study spot bracket.

The study spots in the challenge were:

  • The Quad 
  • Outside the English Building
  • The LAS Hub
  • The Natural History Building
  • Inside the English Building
  • The benches in Lincoln Hall
  • The Psychology Building
  • Outside Altgeld Hall

In the last week of the bracket challenge, four study areas remained: The Quad, outside the English Building, the LAS Hub, and the Natural History Building. To identify what makes these study spots so great, we asked students to talk about their experiences with each of them!





The Champion: The QuadStudents studying on the Quad.

Amber Lane, a student studying communication, shared why she loves studying on the Quad, “I think the Quad is the best  place to study because of all the fresh air, the many places to sit and read or study, or meet up with friends for a study date. It is multipurpose for many different reasons. A bonus, it is beautiful!”





Two students studying outside of the English building.



Runner-up: Outside the English Building

English major Kamila Marszalik shared her favorite parts about studying outside the English building. She said, "right outside of the English Building is a very peaceful place to study. Especially on a beautiful day, you have a great view of the Quad while still being off to the side for a little bit of privacy for your schoolwork."



Students sitting in the LAS Hub.



Second Runner-up: The LAS Hub

Abbey Knize, a student in intradisciplinary psychology, talked about how the LAS Hub helps her concentrate. “I like the minimalist design because it helps me to focus. I also like the size because it doesn’t feel like there are too many people, or too little people, which is perfect for helping me concentrate. The colors of the walls and furniture are appealing, as well.”





Third Runner-up: The Natural History Building

Creative writing major, Payton Jarzyna, discussed the best parts about studying in the Natural History Building.Two students working in the Natural History buikding. “I like studying in the Natural History Building because it usually doesn’t get too crowded, so I can always find a place to sit. Also, there’s lots of natural light, which I find puts me in a better mood when I’m studying. Overall, it’s a quiet and calm area to get work done in between classes.”


The many buildings within the College of LAS offer cool study spots and opportunities. The LAS bracket introduced students to new places to study and allowed students to express their love for their favorite spots. Congratulations to the study spots that made it to the final four!


Source for 50+ buildings: https://las.illinois.edu/faculty/center/facilities


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Deja Hill and Payton Jarzyna