Understanding LAS majors

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is home to more than 70 majors, 60 minors, and countless enriching opportunities that connect academic classes to the world around us.

Your major informs the questions you ask, the kinds of information you work with, and the methods you use for getting answers. Your major will teach you a range of widely transferable skills that you will find relevant in contexts that have nothing to do with your major.

LAS majors fall into a few broad categories:

Many majors fit into more than one of these categories, depending on the research methods used and the questions that are being posed. (For example: economics, linguistics, philosophy, anthropology, astronomy, and geography)

If you are considering changing majors or adding a second major, find out if you like the way the new major encourages you to think. The “right” major is the major that challenges and stimulates you and brings out your best work.

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