Our Global Campus Podcast

Engage the World through Illinois

Our Global Campus podcast graphicThe International Programs Team in the College of LAS hosts a podcast, Our Global Campus: Engage the World Through Illinois. This podcast features the international and intercultural experiences of students and professionals, who dare to explore life on the other side of their cultural assumptions. Each episode unpacks the complexities that often attend the journey of finding one's place in the world.

Note: The podcast can also be streamed via Anchor.


Episode 1:
English - Graduating Senior from China Reflects on Life & Leadership at Illinois
Mandarin - 來自中國的大四畢業生回首在伊利諾伊大學的生活與領導之路

Episode 2:
English - Survival Tips from an International Transfer Student
Korean - 국제 편입 학생을 위한 서바이벌 팁

Episdoe 3:

From Indonesia to Illinois – Graduate Alumna Pushes the Boundaries of Fear, Self & Poverty

Episode 4:

Korean, yet Culturally Black - An Adoptee's Story of Social Identity & Social Action

Episode 5:

American AND - Negotiating Hybrid Identities While Studying Abroad

Episode 6:

6 Countries, 3 Education Systems, 1 Adventurous Third Culture Kid