Independent study credit

Known as undergraduate open seminars, LAS 199 courses involve considerable flexibility and topics of current interest. They may be started at any time through the fifth week of classes and carry one to five hours of credit.

You should realize, however, that no change in credit for a 199 course will be allowed after the fifth week of classes. If you are interested in starting a particular section of 199, find a faculty member of the appropriate department to teach the course. If there are enough students interested in the topic and if the department approves the course plan, the course can be implemented immediately.

You may not apply more than 12 hours of 199 credit toward graduation, and credit toward a General Education Distribution Requirement is not normally given for 199 courses. Discovery courses are excluded from this limitation.

Limitations on 199 and 110 credit toward graduation

You may not apply more than 18 total combined credit hours in 199 courses or independent study courses toward your graduation requirement: for LAS departments, courses are numbered 290s, 390s, 490s.

Of these 18 hours, you may earn no more than 12 hours in 199 courses. Senior thesis will count toward the 18-hour maximum. This rule does not restrict the maximum credits permissible for graduation when you include independent study as an integral part of a formal, college-approved program of study, such as Individual Plans of Study and study abroad.

In any given semester, you may register for no more than four hours of LAS 110, which are independent study and experimental seminars open to Unit One students and others. No more than 12 hours of LAS 110 credit may be applied toward graduation. Credit toward departmental or college requirements depends on approval by the appropriate unit.

Credit toward graduation for more than 12 hours in LAS 110 requires the consent of the director of Unit One (Allen Hall) and the college. You must petition for approval from your advisor and LAS Student Academic Affairs to include credit from such courses toward your major requirement, unless a department has set designated limits.

Life sciences majors may not count toward graduation more than 11 hours of 100-level life sciences courses (including cross-listed courses on this campus and courses transferred from other institutions).