Advanced placement and proficiency exams

Students who receive college credit for advanced placement work will find that some course credit generally will apply toward the relevant general education requirement. For example, English Literature AP scores of 4 or 5 will provide three semester hours of credit in English 103 and count toward the requirement in literature and the arts. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions lists credit policies for AP examinations. Similarly, you may use proficiency credit received through a department's own testing program to satisfy general education requirements.

College-level examination program

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign does not award proficiency credit based on scores from CLEP examinations.

Proficiency examinations

Departments within the university give proficiency examinations each semester, similar to the regular semester examinations, in courses normally open to freshmen and sophomores. You must obtain the consent of the department concerned to take these examinations. Proficiency examinations in more advanced undergraduate subjects are given on recommendation of the head of the department and approval of the dean of the college. The examinations are administered at various times, so you should contact the department concerned during the first week in the semester.

You may not take a proficiency examination to raise a grade or to earn credit in a course that you have failed. You also may not take a proficiency examination for credit in a subject of elementary character if you have received credit for more than one semester of work in the subject at an advanced level. To find out whether you are eligible to take a proficiency test, consult an admissions/records officer or your advisor. For additional information, see the the Student Code.

If you pass a proficiency exam, you receive credit toward graduation for the amount regularly allowed in the course, provided that this does not duplicate credit counted for your admission and that the course is acceptable in your curriculum. You need a grade of C- or better on a proficiency exam to earn credit. Credit is entered on the transcript as "pass." No official record is made of failures, although some departments may not let you retake the examination. Grades received on proficiency examinations are not considered in computing averages.