ROTC and aviation courses

ROTC courses

LAS does not allow credit for military service. However, students enrolled in Army, Navy, or Air Force ROTC programs may apply a maximum of six hours of credit  (and up to nine hours if MILS/NS/AFAS 120 is taken for general education credit) from approved courses in the ROTC programs toward the LAS degree. To be applicable, such courses must be advanced courses and must have been approved for such credit by the LAS Courses and Curricula Committee.

Approved ROTC Courses: MILS 301, 302, 341, 342.  NS 204, 307, 323. AFAS 331, 332, 341, 342.

As of Fall 2023, the ROTC credit limit is no longer in effect.

Aviation courses

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences allows up to 24 credit hours of specified aviation courses to be used as free electives, for those who have taken them at Illinois. Such additional courses may not be used to satisfy any other degree requirements. These courses are no longer offered.

Approved Aviation Courses

  • AVI 101 Private Pilot, I
  • AVI 120 Private Pilot, II
  • AVI 121 Private Pilot Requalification
  • AVI 130 Private-Instrument, I
  • AVI 140 Private-Instrument, II
  • AVI 200 Pre-Commercial Pilot
  • AVI 210 Commercial Pilot
  • AVI 211 Commercial Pilot-Multiengine
  • AVI 320 Flight Instructor-Airplane
  • AVI 322 Instrument Flight Instructor
  • AVI 324 All Attitude Orientation
  • AVI 350 Practice Teaching-Airplane
  • AVI 358 Human Factors in Human-Machine Systems
  • AVI 380 Multiengine Land-Special Rating
  • AVI 381 Cockpit Resource Management
  • AVI 391 Special Ratings and/or Specialized Flight
  • AVI 392 Professional Multiengine Indoctrination
  • AVI 393 Corporate Jet Pilot Orientation
  • AVI 429 Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory
  • AVI 441 Interactive Systems Modeling, Analysis, and Design
  • AVI 455 Aviation Accident Investigation and Analysis
  • AVI 456 Human Performance and Engineering Psychology
  • AVI 495 Aviation Psychology