Off-campus study

Departments may allow students to pursue independent study at a location other than the Urbana campus. Independent or individual study is defined as any course designation in the 290, 390, or 490 series (except 299, Study Abroad). These guidelines apply to off-campus independent study:

  • Students must have been a resident at the Urbana-Champaign campus for at least one academic year, in good academic standing, and have at least sophomore status.
  • Departments have primary responsibility for approving and supervising such programs. Students should first submit a written proposal through their faculty advisor to the executive officer of their department. The proposal should be consistent with their major plan of study. The approved proposal should indicate the number of hours of credit to be earned on a course-by-course basis.
  • The length of such study will be one semester; however, in unusual cases extensions may be approved, provided that such extensions are proposed in the same manner as the original study (for example, in writing from the advisor to the department's executive officer and then to the associate dean of the college).
  • Students should generally use independent study courses in the 290, 390, or 490 series to study away from campus. Students should arrange with the department any assignment and review of papers and projects.
  • If planning a semester away from the campus, students should review the current residency requirements as found in the Student Code.
  • Exceptions to college/university requirements (for example, normal academic loads) must be approved by the associate dean.
  • Students should not exceed the limit on independent study courses for either their major or graduation.
  • Students receiving financial aid should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid regarding continuation of their financial assistance.