LAS Impact


Celebrate the amazing impact of people in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences!

Thank you to all who joined us for LAS Impact 2020, held virtually Oct. 26-30. We were honored to celebrate with you the power of LAS innovation and all of the members of our community.

If you were unable to attend live, you can find recordings of the events—plus more—on this page.

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Monday, October 26

LAS Innovation

Learn about life-changing research conducted through the College of LAS.

Read about College of LAS research

Our faculty members are leading their fields and generating new knowledge thanks to cutting-edge research in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Read more.

Fiction, politics, and the future
Works of imagination help LAS professors teach and convey political theory.
Trelease Woods
A centuries-old forest offers lessons to students and professors alike.
Video: Talking politics
Scott Althaus discusses how to turn a negative conversation constructive.
A screenshot from Jessie Ann Foley's Alumni Advice video
Becoming a Successful Writer

Jessie Ann Foley, award-winning author of "The Carnival at Bray," provides tips for a writing career in our latest video in the Alumni Advice series.

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Wednesday, October 28

LAS students

Engage with the 2020 student experience.

Learn about College of LAS initiatives

In LAS, we strive to provide the best learning experience for our students, no matter where they come or are learning from. Global experiences, courses focused on making a difference, and more—learn about a few of our student initiatives.

Access and Achievement Program
LAS AAP prepares students for academic success, graduation, and a life of impact.
Through COVID-Corps: Action for Solutions, students earn credit while helping the world.
College of LAS Emergency Fund
To help students navigate challenging times, we've established the LAS Emergency Fund.

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Thursday, October 29

LAS Alumni

Celebrate our alumni.

Volunteer with the College of LAS

Volunteering is a meaningful way for alumni to stay connected with LAS. There are so many ways to donate your time and talents, and you don’t even have to be near campus to participate!

Get involved

Learn about a few volunteer opportunities:

School of Integrative Biology
IB Career Connections allows current students to network with alumni.
Department of Psychology
Students can email psychology alumni with questions related to careers.
School of Molecular & Cellular Biology
MCB offers a Pre-Health and Professional Mentorship Program.

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Friday, October 30

Uniquely LAS

Revisit LAS' interesting places and programs. 

Learn about uniquely LAS units

With over 68 departments and units, the College of LAS spans areas from earth sciences to the cosmos, the beginnings of historical thought to today's language, huge data sets to single cells, and everything in between.

Read about a few of our units, each focused on one of our key areas: social & behavioral sciences, physical & mathematical sciences, and the humanities.

Cline Center for Advanced Social Research
At the Cline Center, scientists and humanists transform data into knowledge to better understand societal issues.
Illinois Neurobehavioral Assessment Laboratory
INBAL supports cutting-edge science in the assessment of behavior.
Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
Learn about the history of WGGP, which studies human development focused on gender equity.