LAS deadlines for course submissions

LAS accepts course proposals throughout the calendar year; the dates below are approximations for course implementation.

Academic Year 2023-2024 courses catalog deadlines

Form LAS deadline date
New course proposals. Include proposed syllabi Nov. 1, 2022
Course revisions tied to curricular proposals Nov. 1, 2022
Revised course proposals, with small changes that can be approved administratively by LAS Jan. 1, 2023

Use the CIM (Course Inventory Management module) to submit all new and revised course proposals. Each unit has a designated CIM user(s) who can submit new/revised courses. Faculty can use the information on the courses site to submit their proposed new/revised courses to their department for entry into the CIM. All questions on the CIM should be addressed to Andrea Ray.

The dates above are based on obtaining full approval before the online schedule is published for the noted semester.

Arrival in LAS by deadline date does not guarantee approval for inclusion in the Academic Catalog. Course paperwork may need revisions, the LAS Courses and Curricula Committee may have a full agenda and not review the course immediately, and the Graduate College and/or Provost Office may not review the course immediately.

Under normal circumstances, if the course is received in LAS by the date above it should be approved for the indicated Academic Catalog.

Deactivation of courses should be proposed with a fall semester effective date.

The Academic Catalog for the next academic year will publish around March 1st each year.