LAS 102: Transfer Advantage

Transfer Advantage interns pose in the lobby of Lincoln HallLAS 102: Transfer Advantage is a course designed to assist new transfer students in their transition to our college and campus. Students who enroll in this eight-week, one-credit course will:

  • learn skills to successfully transition to Illinois
  • have immediate access to a transfer peer mentor who can answer your many questions about your new life as an Illinois transfer student
  • learn about important and valuable campus resources
  • enjoy a small classroom environment and meet other people who may become life-long friends
  • learn about the values that distinguish the College of LAS
  • use design thinking methods to make the most of your Illinois experience

The format of the Transfer Advantage course will include lessons and workshops designed to meet the specific needs of a diverse transfer student population.

If you would like more information on whether this course would be a good fit for you in your first semester with us in the College of LAS, please consult with the academic advisor for your major and the LAS 102 staff members listed below

Become an LAS 102 intern

Interns are accomplished LAS transfer students willing to share their successful transfer experiences with incoming transfer students.

An LAS 102 internship offers our best students the opportunity to help others while enhancing their own skills and preparing for their chosen professions or advanced scholarship. They also serve an important role in helping first-year transfer students adjust to the University of Illinois.

Interns meet with their LAS 102 classes, which have 20 to 25 students, for 80 minutes once a week for the first eight weeks of the semester. An LAS 102 internship offers our best students the opportunity to help others while developing leadership skills. Interns will receive 3 credit hours for their work with LAS 102. They will be enrolled in LAS 399: Leadership and Professional Development for the second eight weeks of spring as well as the full fall semester. Learn more about being an LAS 102 intern.


LAS 101 & 102 Teaching Assistants

Viktoria Loidl
Viktoria Loidl H ello everyone and welcome to the University of Illinois! My name is Viktoria Loidl and I’m a second-year master’s student in the European Union Studies program. My research interests are transatlantic relations, business and economics. Originally, I’m from Graz, Austria, where I also got my bachelor’s degree in economics. I believe that college can be the most challenging but personally rewarding years for young adults and I’m excited to work with all of you!

Chequita S. Brown
Chequita S. Brown C hequita S. Brown is a doctoral student in education policy, organization, and leadership with a higher education concentration. Her research interests center on the lived experiences of minoritized populations in higher education, specifically college access and retention, student engagement and development, and educational equity and diversity. Her professional experience includes post-secondary administration, instruction, and course and program development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in English studies, both from Illinois State University.

Ade Akinrinola
Ade Akinrinold Congratulations and welcome to Illinois! My name is Ade, and I am a doctoral student in the education policy, organization, and leadership program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with dual specializations in global studies in education and higher education. I have been with LAS first year experience for over two years. You made it to Illinois because you have what it takes to succeed here, and I feel honored to be a part of the team that will support you in the adventure of designing your first year at Illinois! Enjoy the process—you’ve got this!

Mary Jo Licht
Mary Jo Licht Hi, I'm MJ, and I work as an Instructional Technology Specialist for the LAS First Year Experience (FYE) program. I maintain the Moodle website and work with ePortfolios, Digication, and eText, but I also help out with program development and events. I have been with the program for over 6 years, and it has been fun watching incoming freshmen advance through the College of LAS, sometimes becoming LAS 101 interns themselves! Work hard and enjoy your college years — they are over before you know it!

Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Amanda Smith is an LAS first year experience teaching assistant and doctoral student in the Department of French and Italian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She received her bachelor's in French and her master's in French literature and pedagogy at the University of Cincinnati. After spending several years in the finance industry as a banker and then as a mortgage officer following her matriculation from the graduate program, she decided to pursue a Ph.D. in French literature with a minor in African-American studies at Illinois. Her research interests include comparative literature, post-colonial studies, and black France.

Nolan Vallier
Nolan Vallier Nolan Vallier is a PhD candidate in musicology. Nolan’s research interests include: 20th century concert festivals, minimalist and postminimalist music, sound studies, urban studies, and the intersections between music, soundscapes, and landscape architecture. His interdisciplinary and historiographic dissertation, “Of Sacred Grounds and Natural Sounds: Constructing, Sacralizing, and Listening to Midwestern Architecture,” examines several Chicago area summer concert festivals and musical organizations that have fostered symbiotic relationships between local music and Prairie Style architecture since the 1960s. Nolan has previously taught as an instructor of music history at Roosevelt University and Ball State University.


LAS 102 interns

Using the class section listed, find your intern's email address.

Section 1
Sarah Adegoke

Section 2
Aaron Castaneda
Section 3
Annaliese Mayer
Section 4
Rachel Zarky

Section 5
Irene Kim

Section 6
Pamela Binda

Section 7
David Saveanu

Section 8
Margeaux Adam
Section 9
Olusasoladotun Salawu
Section 10
Jared Perovic

Section 11
Liv Clafford

Section 12
Annaliese Mayer