Moving forward from COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been marked with uncertainty, it also has illuminated areas for growth and moments of celebration throughout our communities. Throughout the pandemic, we all have adapted to our new normal. Our understanding advanced as we learned about transmission. We rose to challenges to help people in need, such as producing masks and donating goods to first-responders. We stayed home and skipped events to keep our communities safe.

Graphic that reads Moving Forward from COVID-19As we aim to move forward from COVID-19, how can we take what we learned to make the world a better place? What are the inescapable truths that this pandemic has exposed? Through a long year of trials, what has changed as we look toward the brighter future ahead?

In this new series from the College of LAS, we’ll attempt to answer these big questions. We’ll talk to experts, students, and alumni throughout the college to look toward our future together.

Just as there is no specific end date to the pandemic, we know there is no end to the questions surrounding its long-lasting repercussions. As resurgences occur and additional issues come to light, we’ll strive to tell the stories that matter most in changing our communities for the better.

And, together, we can move forward from COVID-19.