Connecting your interests, skills, values, and priorities to future directions

When thinking about how connected you feel with majors and careers, a great place to start is to consider how a particular opportunity aligns with:

  • Your interests (what you enjoy)
  • Your skills (things you are good at doing)
  • Your values and priorities (what is important to you)

What draws you to these experiences, and where do you feel most energized?

LAS Career Services and Peer Mentors in the Lisnek LAS Hub assist students with reflecting on these connections using two great brainstorming activities:

Try out one of these resource guides. If you would like assistance, you can reach out to a Peer Mentor or come to LAS Career Services for career coaching.

Working through activities such as these provides a strong foundation for your later conversations in informational interviews, networking meetings, and career fairs. You can develop strong descriptions of what you bring to future work or graduate/professional school environments, with examples that illustrate your skills in action.

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