Start at ZJU-UIUC in Fall 2020

We want you to make the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign your next home. However, we recognize that there are significant travel restrictions and visa processing delays due to the COVID-19 situation, and we understand that it may be difficult for you to study in-person on our campus in the fall. Therefore, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences in partnership with Zhejiang University International Business School is offering first-year Chinese students the opportunity to start the fall semester on the Zhejiang University International Campus in Haining, China.

As a first-time University of Illinois freshman, if you cannot travel to Urbana for the Fall semester due to visa or travel restrictions, you have the opportunity to be a University of Illinois student studying at ZJU-UIUC in Fall 2020. This allows you to begin your studies even if you cannot make it to the Urbana campus this fall. 

Included below are some answers to questions you may have, but please don't hesitate to contact our International Programs office via email or WeChat with any additional questions that you have.


When does the program start and end? 

The program begins on August 22, 2020, with two days of orientation and ends on December 18, 2020. 

How do I apply?

Students who are interested in pursuing this opportunity must submit their application by July 15, 2020. Please visit the application page to learn more about the program, application, and requirements.

Who can apply?

Students who have accepted their offer of admittance to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the University of Illinois to be a freshman in Fall 2020 and are Chinese citizens.

Note: Incoming freshmen from China who have accepted their admission to the Gies College of Business and The Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois have also been invited to study at ZJU for Fall 2020.

Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for the LAS-ZJU program should visit the Academic Bridge website for alternative options. 

I am a student in DGS, can I apply?

No. At this time this program is only open to incoming LAS freshmen. 

Why is this beneficial for me?

This program will provide you with a residential experience and the ability to continue with your intended plan of study by taking University of Illinois courses online. Additionally, you will have access to academic support, English language tutoring, student clubs and activities including excursions, company visits and alumni networking events.

When will I find out if I have been accepted to the LAS-ZJU Academic Bridge program?

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis as limited spots are available on the ZJU campus. LAS International Programs will notify students that they are accepted as soon as possible.

What courses would I take?

You would enroll in courses normally offered at the University of Illinois. These are the same courses you would take as a first-year student on the Urbana campus and we will work with your academic advisor to ensure that your fall course selections in the Academic Bridge program match your academic goals.

As part of this program, all students will be automatically enrolled in LAS 100: Success in LAS for International Students. This 2-credit course will help you create community and support your transition to the University of Illinois for the spring 2021 semester. All first-year students in LAS are also required to take LAS 101: Design Your First Year Experience (1 credit).

Can I take courses offered through ZJU?

ZJU will offer an intercultural communications course for Illinois students. This course will be taught by ZJU faculty, but students will enroll in the course through Illinois. This is the only course available for Academic Bridge students. You should plan to register for all of your courses through Illinois.

How long will I be at ZJU?

We anticipate this opportunity will last for the Fall 2020 semester and you would start classes on our campus in Urbana for Spring 2021.

What is the cost?

Students accepted into the Academic Bridge program will be billed as follows:

  • LAS Tuition + fees: Tuition rates vary by program of study. You can view the Fall 2020 rates here:  In addition to tuition, Academic Bridge students will only be charged the University of Illinois General Fee ($283) for the fall 2020 term.
  • Academic Bridge Program Fee: $4,500 - $6,000, after the LAS $4,000 scholarship (includes housing at ZJU, activities, academic and other support)
  • Scholarships: All LAS Academic Bridge students will receive a $4,000 scholarship from the College of LAS.

What is included in the Academic Bridge Program Fee?

This fee includes on-campus accommodation and access to all campus facilities and services at ZJU. In addition to on-campus housing, the fee includes academic support, access to English language tutoring, as well as access to all campus facilities and services. Students will have access to student clubs and associations, classroom space and technology, an advisor at ZJU, and opportunities to participate in local excursions, company visits, guest speakers, and alumni networking events.

It does not include student meals, daily living expenses, textbooks and supplies, health insurance and travel to and from the International Campus.

How will tuition and other fees be charged?

Tuition, housing, health insurance and activity fees will be billed by the University of Illinois, not ZJU. This happens through your University of Illinois student account.

What should I do if I am having issues logging in to apply?

If you are receiving an error message: “SIS Data Not Found”, please register as a non-Illinois student by taking the following steps: 

  1. On this webpage,, click on “New User Registration”
  2. Select “I do not have login credentials to this site.” and click “submit”
  3. Select “I am not currently registered at an institution.” and click “submit”
  4. Fill out your identifying information 
  5. Select “I understand…….” and click “create account”
  6. Check your email for your login and password information
  7. On this webpage,, log in with the login and password information sent via email
  8. Continue setting up your account

Apply for the program:

Who do I contact with additional questions?

Please email our LAS International Programs office or contact us via WeChat (QR code included below).

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