CS + X degrees

By choosing a CS + X degree option at the University of Illinois, students gain access to the incredible possibilities available at the intersection of computer science and the arts and sciences. These powerful, blended degrees prepare graduates to thrive in an era of digital transformation.

Designed to allow students to chart an innovative educational path, CS + X incorporates a solid foundation in a chosen art or science with a strong grounding in computer science.

CS + X majors are tailored for students who are interested in their chosen “X” field and understand that computing technologies have the potential to innovate, change, and shape the future of “X”.

Each CS + X program in the College of LAS is a single major that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. After earning a CS + X degree, students will be poised to pursue graduate studies or launch careers in a wide variety of established and emerging fields.

CS + X opportunities within LAS

For a full list of CS + X majors, visit the computer science website.


For questions related to CS + X degrees, including the process of applying to the programs, visit our FAQ on CS + X majors.