LAS Lineup enewsletter for students

LAS Lineup provides information about events, opportunities, and deadlines to help students plan their week. It's published by the college's Student Academic Affairs Office each Monday morning during the fall and spring semester.

Have an event you'd like to be considered for the enewsletter? Submit it here:


LAS Lineup FAQs

Who receives LAS Lineup?

Every undergraduate student in LAS receives the newsletter via email every Monday during the spring and fall semesters, except on breaks and holidays. Faculty and staff can subscribe here.

When is the entry deadline?

The deadline for entries is noon Wednesday for the following Monday’s newsletter.

What entries are included?

LAS Lineup includes space for academic, personal, and professional opportunities across LAS and the greater campus community. The enewsletter includes five sections: "Academic," "Career," "Health & Wellness,” “Social & Community,” and “Dates & Deadlines." Content is limited to academic, leadership, and personal and professional development enrichment announcements that are sponsored or coordinated by university-affiliated groups (including colleges, schools, departments, units, and centers on campus). 

Announcements about student scholarship and award recognitions are also included. Entries must appeal to most LAS students. Messages for a narrow audience aren't appropriate for LineupThe college will have the final decision in what is appropriate content for the newsletter.

I submitted my entry before the deadline. Why isn’t it in the newsletter?

There’s more than one possible reason. First, to keep the newsletter timely and relevant, we publish events only during the week that they occur. Exceptions include events with early registration or application deadlines. If you submit an event early, there’s no need to re-submit. We’ll keep your entry on file until the week that it’s scheduled to occur.

Or, your event might not fit with the enewsletter's standards (please read more above). Finally, it's possible we simply didn't have space.

Do you edit the entries?

We edit for spelling, clarity, and obvious grammatical mistakes. We also edit the date and time to be consistent.

Can you publish my entry more than once?

To prevent the newsletter from getting redundant or outdated, we generally publish events only once.

Can I email you my event information?

No. Please submit your event information using this form.

How do I opt out of this email?

If you're a member of our faculty or staff, you may opt out by emailing us. Because this information is designed specifically for students, they may not opt out.