Information for instructors

LAS International Programs provides Global Classrooms instructors and their international partners with asynchronous and self-guided online training. Trainings are offered each fall and spring term. Additionally, the LAS Global Classrooms team hosts weekly office hours for instructors who want to discuss course development, troubleshoot problems, need tech support, or simply want to discuss the Global Classroom experience.

What you will cover in the instructor training:

  • An introduction to Global Classrooms, what it is, and how it works
  • Support and instructional design help throughout each stage of the process
  • Academic resources to help develop your course
  • Technology resources support (platforms, apps, LMS considerations)
  • Guidance on the collaborative process, including working across institutional differences, language considerations, resolution strategies, etc.
  • Syllabus development direction (nuts and bolts as well as resources)
  • Guidance in navigating assessment, evaluation, and reflection in terms of 1) the work of your students as well as 2) your own Global Classrooms experiences
  • A completed project proposal - by the end of this training you should have a completed project proposal to submit

The training is self-guided, largely asynchronous, and is available to anyone who wishes to enroll. If you would like to sign up, click here to create an account and begin.


Global Classrooms instructors and their international partners will receive a $3,500-course development stipend each upon completion of the 8-module Global Classrooms training and the submission of a project proposal. UIUC instructors will receive these funds in the form of a Service in Excess (SIE).

Finding an international teaching partner

If you do not already have a teaching partner in mind, LAS International Programs can help identify a partner for you. Through our vast network of international partners and as an institutional member of the COIL Global Network, we have access to the COIL Engagement and Partnering Platform, which is designed to help professors connect on COIL projects.

If you'd like assistance finding a partner, please contact Dr. Roman Friedman at

If you are an instructor or institution that wishes to collaborate with UIUC, please complete our Global Classrooms Partner Interest Form.


Course proposals

We are seeking proposals from faculty interested in developing a collaborative online international learning opportunity for undergraduate students. Preference will be given to courses that are already on the books and are a part of a degree program. We are especially interested in supporting first year/intro level courses.

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