Virtual global experiences

A student has a conversation with friends on their computer.LAS International Programs offers various opportunities for students who are eager to engage in global learning. Students are able to work virtually with international organizations, collaborate on projects, conduct research with international faculty and students, and take online courses featuring faculty abroad.

If you would like to discuss your options and how you can achieve your professional development goals, you can schedule an appointment with an LAS International Programs advisor to get more information and ask questions.

Note: Students are welcome to explore options in Handshake and beyond what is listed below. 

Available opportunities

Internship, service-learning, and volunteer opportunities

Engaging in virtual global internships, service-learning, and volunteer projects enable students to gain valuable professional experience and explore potential career paths to further develop their goals for the future. International work experiences provide students the opportunity to build rapport with professionals around the world and capitalize on these relationships when pursuing future professional opportunities.

Working remotely can be challenging, however, the skills you gain from this experience are sought after by employers. Through remote work, students develop the ability to work independently, improve upon their written communication skills, and can demonstrate their ability to adapt to new technology.

Customized projects

Virtual projects are professional and research experiences that offer students the opportunity to gain valuable life and career skills through focused projects with alumni, an employer, or a partner organization. Students and organizations collaborate remotely, allowing students to gain global and intercultural competency skills working with organizations worldwide.

Online courses

In collaboration with our study abroad partners, we are offering online courses for students to explore various topics in an international context. What is unique about these courses is that students will develop a global mindset and learn through engaging with international experts and being exposed to new perspectives.

How to participate


Once you have explored your options are ready to take the next step, please fill out the Intent to Participate Form and begin your application through the organization you want to work with.

Students interested in customized programs to work on research and/or a project should fill out the Project Proposal Form. In this form, you will outline your area of interest and goals for the proposed project. This information will help the program advisor make connections with faculty, professionals, and organizations abroad to develop your project.

After you have submitted your form, an advisor will reach out to you to schedule an appointment to further discuss your options.

Credit options

  • LAS 292: All students are encouraged to enroll in LAS 292 (1 credit) during the term they conduct the virtual project. Students who receive a LAS scholarship to support their projects are required to enroll in LAS 292.
  • Internship courses within the major: Students are encouraged to enroll in an internship course that best supports their academic and professional goals. Some departments offer internship courses (e.g. PS 491, CMN 304, GLBL 221, HIST 398). Please refer to the Academic Catalog.
  • Independent study: students are encouraged to speak with their departmental or faculty advisors to see if completing an independent study (1-3 credits) based on their project experience would be beneficial.

Funding your experience

LAS students participating in an unpaid or underpaid internship, volunteer work, service-learning project, or research project should apply for the Life + Career Design scholarship. This scholarship supports students' experiences in professional work with the goal of advancing their career readiness.