LAS Academic Advising Award

This award recognizes and encourages quality advising of LAS undergraduates. The LAS Council, the student service organization of the college, reviews nominations and provides their recommendation to the dean of the college, who give final approval. The LAS Council surveys students about their academic advisors. The council then contacts departments with highly rated advisors and asks that they send in a nomination package. The department may, at its own discretion, nominate an advisor for this award as well. One award may be given each year. Departments are encouraged to submit one nomination.


Recipient receives a $2,000 award and a commemorative plaque at the LAS Recognition of Teaching Excellence.


The eligibility requirements for this award and the Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising are now the same. Recipient must be employed in LAS at time of reception. Further, a faculty member or academic professional who receives a LAS College Award will not be eligible for a second college award during the next 10-year period, although such a person may be nominated again through this process for the Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising during that 10-year period, if they remain eligible for that award. Graduate assistant advisors are not eligible for this award.


1. Sustained excellence in undergraduate advising. 
2. Major impact on undergraduate students and their intellectual development through sustained academic advising relationships.


The nomination criteria and procedures for this award and the Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising are one and the same. The criteria and procedures are included in the Provost's Guidelines on Awards for Excellence in Instruction, Advising, and Research. In addition to the campus procedures, all materials must be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font, single-spaced.

A pdf of the nomination packet should be emailed to Amy Elli. If needed, a paper copy can be sent by the deadline to: LAS AWARDS COMMITTEE, c/o Amy Elli, 2090 Lincoln Hall MC-448. The LAS Council will forward its selection to the dean. The Awards Committee will rank all college advising award nominations for the dean to approve forwarding for the campus award Excellence in Undergraduate Advising.

Deadlines for submission to the department and to the college correspond to those for the campus awards:

Date Deadlines
Mid-November, 2022 Recommended deadline for nominations to departmental selection committee.
January 6, 2023, 5pm Deadline for nominations from departments to the college.
February 1, 2023 Deadline for college nominations to the campus.