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LAS Service Center

Human resources services within the College of LAS Service Center can help units with appointment processing, payroll, searches & hiring, separation, employee relations, and more.

Our services

While specific services vary by individual needs, the LAS Service Center can assist you with:

Please reference your MOU for your unit's specific services.

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If you have specific questions about our services, or if you would like to get started, please contact us.

Jaclyn Benekohal, Human resources associate
LASSC departmental HR liaison
(217) 300-3130 

Rita Davis, Human resources associate
LASSC departmental HR liaison & FMLA expert
(217) 300-5027 

Amy Elli, Senior associate director of human resources
Searches and pre-hiring expert
(217) 333-6622 

Audrey Ramsey, Human resources systems and training coordinator
Appointment training/HRFE expert and DEI resources
(217) 300-9440 

Staci Wagers, Senior director of human resources
LASSC leadership for human resources
(217) 333-4708