Business services

LAS Service Center

Business services within the College of LAS Service Center can help units with accounting, operations, card services, purchasing and payments, security and access, and more.

Our services

While specific services vary by individual needs, the LAS Service Center can assist you with:

Please reference your MOU for your unit's specific services.

Contact us

If you have specific questions about our services, or if you would like to get started, please contact us.

Leisha Beasley, Assistant director of business services, LASSC – Academic units
Primary contact for all business services
(217) 244-5198

Andrew Gabel, Assistant director of business services, LASSC – Admin units
Accounting, contracts, complex purchasing
(217) 300-6546

Mindy Fitzgerald, Account technician II
P-card reconciliation, purchasing assistance
(217) 333-7329