Facilities services

LAS Service Center

Space and facilities services within the College of LAS Service Center can help units with space planning, space changes, and special projects in the 50+ LAS buildings across campus.

Our services

While specific services vary by individual needs, the LAS Service Center can assist you with:

  • Serving as the primary contact between LAS and campus/university offices involved in construction, remodeling, and maintenance of academic-support facilities
  • Emergency/health or safety situation due to a facility condition
  • Office or classroom environment/climate concerns (maintenance needed)
  • Excessive delays in service or repeat problems
  • Space needs related to grant/research proposals
  • General space concerns related to instructional planning
  • Renovation planning
  • Space issues

Contact us

If you have specific questions about our services, or if you would like to get started, please contact us.

Derek Fultz, Senior Director of Facilities and Planning
(217) 333-1350

Facilities & Services
Maintenance requests
(217) 333-0340