Virtual Global Experiences

LAS International Programs offers various opportunities for students who are eager to engage in global learning. Students are able to work virtually with international organizations and alumni mentors, collaborate on projects, conduct research with international faculty and students, and take online courses featuring faculty abroad.

How to participate

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Hear from participants

Josh Adisumarta
Creative innovation in Brazil
Josh interned with the Parque Tecnológico, one of Brazil’s largest innovation and entrepreneurial centers, through Campus B.
Sophia Ebel
A multi-lingual exchange in Austria
Sophia has been tutoring two teenagers in Vienna while employing three of her languages—English, German, and Arabic.
Jackie Kang
Gaining consulting experience in Brazil
Jackie interned with Campus B, where she gained more experience in consulting, which she expects to boost her resume when she graduates.
Stephanie Dutra
Making connections at Parque Tecnológico
Stephanie interned with Campus B, where she learned all about balancing academics and human connections.