Section II.7



Proposed by the Policy and Development Committee on April 27, 1988
Adopted by the Faculty on November 10, 1988
Revised by the Faculty on November 7, 2002

Campus policy (Provost's Communication No. 21) requires that "every tenured or tenure-track faculty member should be reviewed annually" through written procedures adopted by the unit. These procedures must comply with the requirements of Communication No. 21, including one that units provide an "Option for Periodic Broader Review" which may be invoked by the unit executive officer or a faculty member from time to time, but no more frequently than once every five years.

Thus, any Associate Professor may request his/her primary department to consider the case for promotion to Professor, including the solicitation of external peer reviews of scholarly activities, following the established procedures of the department under the broader review option and in accordance with the criteria for promotion set forth in Provost's Communication No. 9.

Stated simply, this policy provides an additional recourse for an Associate Professor who believes that consideration for promotion has been inappropriately slow. The responsibility for weighing the merits of the case, and for deciding on whether or not to recommend promotion, still rests with the department. That is, a department has no a priori commitment to recommend promotion for an Associate Professor who has requested an evaluation mandated by this policy. Moreover, the five-year interval applies only to a required evaluation: an Associate Professor may request an evaluation, and his/her department may recommend promotion, at any appropriate time. And finally, an Associate Professor who is dissatisfied with the departmental promotion decision, based either on a mandated or voluntary review, may still bring his/her case to the Faculty Appeals Committee in the usual manner.