Section III.1



Endorsed by the Executive Committee
Approved by the Dean on September 18, 1990

Please refer to Provost's Communication No. 20, which discusses the general principles and procedures governing leaves without pay. College policy is concordant with campus policy in all respects.

Any request for leave without pay from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences must receive the approval of the executive officer of the corresponding unit, the director of the appropriate school (if applicable), the Dean of the College, and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The guiding principle for approval is that the best interests of the University can be reasonably considered to be served by granting the leave; hence any request for approval must be accompanied by justification. Executive officers are asked to pay particular attention to point (2) in the attachment in justifying their approval to the College.

A request for leave without pay from a member who accepts a tenured position in another university will be given particularly close scrutiny. Approval may be granted, but only after the decision to accept the outside offer has been made, and only after the member seeking the leave and the executive officer of the unit provide justification, in separate letters to the Dean, that the University's interests are served by granting leave. The leave will not be granted unless there is a realistic prospect of return.

In no case will a second year of leave be granted to a person who has left the University to accept appointment in a tenured post elsewhere. Other requests for leaves extending beyond one year will be considered within the provisions of the campus policy.