Creating opportunities to learn during COVID-19

Learn from experts, get involved, and make a difference

Since the onset of COVID-19, the College of LAS has served as a campus and community leader, striving to mitigate the deep effects of the pandemic on campus and beyond. 

Now, LAS is proud to extend opportunities to get involved with the innovative research happening throughout the college. Whether you are a community member who would like to learn about the pandemic or a student wanting to get involved in research first-hand, you can make a difference. 


Broaden your understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic

Broaden and deepen your understanding of the pandemic through a course taught by experts at the U of I.

COV-Course: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Pandemic is free and open the local community, students, parents, staff, faculty, and alumni. Learn from world-class scientists, humanists, social scientists, and artists about the pandemic and its consequences.

A student wearing a mask
Students participate in a discussion while wearing masks.

Through COVID-Corps, students earn credit as they assist in conducting research and helping their communities. 


Read more about LAS research and scholarship during the pandemic: