Politics and LAS

There’s an old rule about politics: Don’t talk about it. “Retain, if you will, a fixed political opinion, yet do not parade it upon all occasions,” stated Cecil Hartley’s “A Gentlemen’s Guide to Etiquette” in 1875. Or, as Linus put it in Peanuts, “I’ve learned there are three things you don’t discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”

With apologies to Charles Schulz, we’re going to break that rule. This page draws upon the tremendous political expertise, experiences, and research occurring in the College of LAS to offer a deeper understanding of the many forces that shape government and policy.

We strive to balance political views when necessary, but our goal is to transcend the contentiousness of today’s political climate. We believe that there is a way to talk about politics that leads to enlightenment and thoughtful debate. We hope that you read these stories, watch the videos, and learn from our tremendous faculty, students, and alumni.

LAS research

Learn more about faculty research and expertise that enlightens our understanding of the many dimensions of politics.


Student & alumni perspectives

Learn about the people who have been inspired and empowered by their LAS education to make a difference in politics and the causes they believe in.