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Students and alumni in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences write about their personal experiences and insights throughout the academic year at the University of Illinois. They offer an inside look at the College of LAS and University of Illinois.

The top five things I love about being a communication major: The variety of courses, the course content, the ability to collaborate with others, it has brought me out of my comfort zone, and my professors.
The top five things I love about being a creative writing major: Amazing faculty members and instructors; the workshop-format classes; the English Building itself; the flexibility of the major, supporting work, and other courses; and applying the creative writing major to any career
LAS student Ariana Daneshbodi shares three reasons why she's glad she chose to study in the College of LAS.
LAS students Troy Zaremba and Kaylee Heimes share about their undergraduate research experiences within the Department of Atmospheric Sciences.
LAS graduate Abby Knipp writes about her amazing journey at Illinois, one that ultimately led her to a career in marine biology.
This semester, I’m in a few classes that I never thought I could take as a student: a class on Grimm’s fairy tales, a class about horror films (and yes, we watch a horror film every week!), and a class about Harry Potter!
Not merely content with attending history courses as a student, Jason Smith, a sophomore in history, helped design a brand-new history course in fall 2019. As a member of the Undergraduate Studies Committee, Jason played a crucial role in developing HIST 199. 
LAS senior Divij Ranjan's experiences with the Illini Statistics Club and the 2020 Illini Datathon prepare him for a successful future.
LAS student Shelby Job discovered her skills and interests at Research Park
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