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These students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences write about their personal experiences and insights throughout the academic year at the University of Illinois. They offer an inside look at the College of LAS and University of Illinois.

In the challenges and obstacles, the unexpected adventures are where the magic happens.
An excellent advantage of attending the University of Illinois is the amount of research opportunities available to students.
Congratulations, you’ve almost made it through the fall semester! Now, there’s one more week to complete: finals week.
Here at Illinois, our professors and other faculty do an excellent job at giving us the skills we need for our future professions. However, sometimes just taking notes from a textbook or studying flashcards isn’t enough. If you want to be prepared for your future, you need to go out and get experience in the field.
One of the things I, and many other students, love most about the University of Illinois is the diversity. People from all over the world attend the U of I, which creates an open and engaging environment.
I spend time almost every day reflecting on my experiences at Illinois. As I'm walking back to my apartment, or after giving a tour to prospective freshmen, I remember what it was like on my first day on campus. I was so timid, as most freshmen are, and it's hard to believe how far I’ve come.
As the leaves change color here at Illinois, so do our schedules. October brings with it new activities, challenges, and reasons to love this school.
I absolutely love traveling; I used to live abroad, and I have studied abroad twice, so I’m not passing up the opportunity to discuss traveling abroad.
Deciding where to go to college is usually a difficult decision. Yes, on the surface, you’re just trying to figure out where to continue the next four years of your education, but it’s actually much more than that.
I entered the University of Illinois as an undeclared freshman. After years of trying to figure out what I wanted to major in, I finally chose geology. Out of many deciding factors, of which there were many, one of the things that influenced me the most was the fact that there was a required class in the curriculum, titled GEOL 417: “Geology Field Methods, Western U.S.”