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These students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences write about their personal experiences and insights throughout the academic year at the University of Illinois. They offer an inside look at the College of LAS and University of Illinois.

Whether you spend a semester or several years on this campus, Illinois will undoubtedly define a part of you.
Internships are a wonderful way to explore the world.
Setting yourself apart from your more than 100 classmates can be a challenge. But, if you make sure you are engaged, you shouldn’t have a problem.
As a high-school student deciding where to attend college, wondering how you’re going to travel and navigate a large campus is likely a concern. The University of Illinois has various ways students get around on campus.
College can be an adjustment for many new students. For the first time, you’re on your own, not necessarily spending your whole day in class, and have to manage your own schedule with little outside help.
Managing and balancing a lot of activities and going to school is a big commitment. But how much is really too much?
As an incoming college freshman, knowing how to communicate with your instructors effectively and appropriately over email is essential to forming positive, working relationships.
If you're curious about an incoming freshman’s summer registration, I have a few tips to help you make the most out of your first experience as a college student.
If you’re wondering what to expect from your transfer registration, I have some helpful tips in store for you.
Thinking back to my expectations of college as a high-school senior, I never could have anticipated half of the things that the University of Illinois has been able to offer me.