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These students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences write about their personal experiences and insights throughout the academic year at the University of Illinois. They offer an inside look at the College of LAS and University of Illinois.

The best advice I received coming to the University of Illinois was to network. My parents, high-school teachers, and older peers all encouraged me to do so, so when I got to Illinois my freshman year, I jumped right in.
Since graduating in December 2016, I have been living the “grown-up” life. I loved every second of my time at Illinois wish I could go back and do it all over again. However, here are a few things that I know now that I wish I could take back with me to the start of my college journey.
The College of LAS’ size provides plenty of opportunities, though some students wonder how to make a place so big feel like home. Fitting in is easy, considering our campus is lucky to be so diverse. Many students find their niche by the end of the first month on campus and already have established friendships.
llinois offers countless outlets to help you explore your passions. Whether you join a brotherhood, volunteer on weekends, enjoy squirrel watching, dance, or play broomball, you can find other students to share in your interests.
In the future, I may go back to school but for now I want to take everything I have learned and put it toward one sole focus.
Now that I have spent two years as a graduate student and one year as a Department of Justice honors intern, I still believe I owe my success to Illinois and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.
The experiences you have in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Illinois will prepare you well as you take your first step toward a career.
My time abroad has allowed me to become more confident in my decision-making skills, in self-reliance, and independence. A boost in my own confidence level contributed to those three quality developments. I couldn't have so easily been forced to rely on my own abilities here at home as I was abroad.
The friends who share your interests will strengthen your values and help you find a home at Illinois. The friends who have very different experiences and have lived halfway across the world will make you a more well-rounded and globally-aware individual.
The College of LAS' certificate programs typically involve fewer courses than a minor, while enabling students to develop additional knowledge in a field or subfield. In this post, senior Adrianna Jelen writes about earning a neuroscience certificate.