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Students and alumni in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences write about their personal experiences and insights throughout the academic year at the University of Illinois. They offer an inside look at the College of LAS and University of Illinois.

We offer an immersive and engaging campus visit option in the fall: Orange & Blue Days! Orange & Blue Days are large open houses held on select Mondays and Fridays.
Here are just some reasons you should feel excited to join LAS!
Here’s how you can make the best decision for yourself while picking a college.
I know my time spent creating an RSO helped to set me on a trajectory of being involved and challenging myself at U of I.
Studying in LAS is helping become a person with curiosity, passion, and diligence
It doesn’t matter if you come from Statistics and CS or CS + Philosophy, the coursework prepares you such that you have the same opportunity at a software engineering job as any CS engineering major. You’ll also have a shot at jobs that blend your fields of study.
Thanks to a very welcoming student body, as well as an awesome academic advisor, finding my place on campus was nowhere near as stressful or overwhelming as I thought it was going to be.
Research knows no bounds at the University of Illinois. It gives all students an equal opportunity to pursue subjects of interest while also learning how to conduct studies, labs, and research proposals that could one day help demystify a certain aspect of the world we live in.
Without the support of the AAP and my own drive, I would not be where I am today.
Here in LAS, we believe in powerful, transformative experiences to help you navigate the many opportunities that life in college offers you, even if that experience is a one-day campus visit.