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The College of LAS is proud to offer numerous scholarships to academically strong admitted Illinois residents with financial need. 

Read about some of the inspiring students whose lives have been changed thanks to the generosity of our donors. 

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Ivie Osagiede poses on the Quad.Ivie Osagiede

“I am eternally grateful for how this scholarship has lifted such a heavy burden off the shoulders of myself and my parents." — Ivie Osagiede, recipient of the Margaret Ann and George William Hann Scholarship

During her childhood in the south suburbs of Chicago, Ivie Osagiede developed a fierce passion for life sciences. Sitting in her grade school classroom, she fondly remembers learning the impossibly perfect structure of the cell and skeletal system and the major biomes of the world.

“These topics interested me more than anything else I studied,” Osagiede recalled. “They stood out most because I really enjoyed memorizing the different parts of things and how they interact.”


David Lee poses in front of Foellinger Auditorium.David Lee

“This opportunity really expanded my world. I believe I genuinely received a holistic liberal arts education. I am definitely satisfied with my educational experience.” — David Lee, recipient of the Stanton R. Cook Scholarship

David Lee was a senior in high school when the 2016 primaries and caucuses captivated the American public. As the historic narrative played out, Lee was entranced by the processes, people, and nuances of the American political procedure. That’s when the Champaign native realized political science could be a natural fit for his future.

Four years later, Lee is poised to graduate with bachelor’s degrees in political science and economics. He plans to attend law school before heading to work within public policy for the State of Illinois.


Krystyna MadelKrystyna Madel portrait

“It only made sense to choose Illinois. [My scholarship] has allowed me to become independent at age 19. It’s made the difference of a lifetime to support myself and pay my expenses.” — Krystyna Madel, recipient of the Mathy Family Scholarship

Home sweet home for Krystyna Madel is sweet home Chicago; however, the fabric of her identity isn’t so straightforward. You need only eye her computer screen or even her phone to find her story is a bit more extraordinary.

Madel’s parents moved to the Chicago area months before she was born. The new parents had little time to adjust to American culture before Madel was learning to talk and, a few short years later, entering school.


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Every year, the College of LAS helps students from various backgrounds and fields of study pursue possibilities by providing scholarships. The students featured above are just some of many who benefit from the generosity of donors.

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